Following the disastrous fire at Avalon Bay’s Edgewater apartment complex, New Jersey legislators are finally listening to what fire safety experts have been telling them for years. A similar apartment complex that is scheduled to be built in Princeton, NJ has been under scrutiny and Mercer and Bergen County legislators are calling for building code reform to address the evident vulnerability of multi-family apartment complexes that are built with lightweight construction materials. Princeton Mayor, Liz Lempert, and Mercer County Executive, Brian Hughes, called a press conference to address their plans to revisit the codes. Governor Christie has also started a formal review of New Jersey’s building code.


On Wednesday, January 21, 2015 a pair of unlicensed plumbers inadvertently started a fire in the walls of a wood-framed multi-family residential building in Edgewater, New Jersey. The fire spread quickly through the lightweight construction of the building and was soon out of control. The building was equipped with a 13R sprinkler system (partial fire sprinkler system) which is designed to provide residents with the time they need to escape in a fire emergency. The system worked properly and all residents escaped safely.

New Jersey legislators saw first-hand what fire service experts have been telling them for years, the lightweight construction used in these buildings is incredibly dangerous and a more comprehensive fire sprinkler system is needed to prevent future tragedies.

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Please find below a list of states that have adopted the 2009 International Residential Code, which includes the requirement that all new one- and two-family homes are required to have life-saving fire sprinkler systems:


The NJFSAB would like to congratulate the residents, lawmakers and regulatory decision makers in the above states for recognizing the importance of residential fire sprinklers in saving lives and property.  For more information on the status of the IRC adoption in other states, please click here. (The above states are listed in date order that the 2009 IRC code was adopted.)

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